Plant Heist

Film Poster for SXSW 2021

A documentary short about an international crime ring of succulent stealing tourists plaguing the California coastline.

Concept, art direction and execution of final poster for SXSW 2021 premiere. 


After locking in on the idea we set up a photoshoot with Gabriel de Cuba  for reference assets, followed by a slew of hours digital painting the execution to life.
Gabriel de Cuba has pretty man hands.

A Rebellious Spirit

Integrated Campaign

Jim Beam was founded in rebellion,
the Whiskey Rebellion of 1791 to be exact.

- AFF Miami ADDYs / Gold
- SIA Summit Creative Awards / Silver





Swilled on with Paul Demontpellier.

Lego Cards

Product Design / Experiential

Sprucing new life into a card making tradition, in the spirit of Lego’s playful learning.

- Clio Awards / Bronze
- One Show Young Ones / Shortlist


Built with Jesus Acevedo, Nikita Sokolov, Daniel Jaramillo, Dan Flora.

Emoji Sentiment

Product Innovation

Sarcasm proof social media analytics? Thank god, finally.

A tool that tracks how people feel about trending hashtags, according to the emojis they use.

- Wyncode Pitch Day IX / Winner

Featured on:
AdAge | Adeevee | KnightBlog | Hello You Creatives | Great-Ads | Make Me Feed | Welovead | Nowymarketing | EmanuelaDiNatale | The Latest | Vitalincs

App Screens.

Case Study.

Analyzed on with Waner Almeida, Humberto M. Belli and the dev team at Wyncode Academy - Daniel Jaramillo, Cameron Eckelberry, Alex Vera.



In a world oversaturated with quick-fixes and do or die diets, there is one sure way to achieve lasting results.

- SIA Creative Summit Award / Gold
- AFF 4th District ADDYs / Silver
- AFF Miami ADDYs / Silver


Chopped on with Daniel Jaramillo.