Spawning a video game,

is a total orgasmic pain.

Desktop game being developed with C# in Unity 3d, together with a copious amounts of patience. Inspired by questionable Sci-Fi, leaving Sweden to start a new life in the US, and the occasional childhood trauma.
Bask in the glory of our mighty theme track.

What’s behind lootbox #1? A multi-dimensional blood beast. That’s Star Trek lingo for anything quasi-science.

Set to become a punishing experience driven by a journey through the past, present and future, where making mistakes and dying horribly is a core game mechanic.

If you’re lonely and you know it clap your hands *Clap-clap

It’s not science fiction without a hydroponics lab. With rhubarbs.

Game features now include.

But are not exclusive to* 
Looking at things.
Poking things.

Head scratching.
Fire arms. Whoa.
And much more head scratching.
Music and sound design by Armand Walleberg.